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Offer number: 080787/20202002 
Offer dated of "20" February 2020

1.1. The Residential lease agreement consists of this Offer and the Accession Statement (Acceptance notice), both together hereinafter referred to as the Agreement. The activity of providing residential premises for tenancy is carried out within the scope of business activities registered under the code № 68.20 "Leasing out the own or leased real estate for tenancy and operation". 
1.2. This offer is a standard form in the meaning of article 634 of the Civil code of Ukraine, available to be accepted by another person through accessing the contracted agreement as a whole. The offer shall be signed by the Lessor and sealed with this Party's stamp in a single copy, further kept at the Lessor's files. The Lessee can access this offer formalising the Accession statement (Acceptance notice).
1.3. The Lessor, Individual entrepreneur Yana Anatoliyvna Evseenko relevant entry number in the unified state register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public associations 2 065 000 0000 038566 (hereinafter referred to as the” Lessor"), acting on the legal grounds of the Certificate of single tax payer. Individual entrepreneur state registration.  
1.4. The Lessee hereunder is a legally capable individual who accedes this offer in accordance with terms and provisions of articles 634 and 642 of the Civil code of Ukraine by accepting this offer through performing together or separately the corresponding actions:
filling out forms on any of the following websites:; (object in Extranet; on the websites of Expedia Group Way West, Seattle, WA 98119 (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and others), object in Extranet; com; (chatbot).

obtaining from the Lessor access keys to the Lessor's residential premises held by the latter on legal grounds in possession, disposal, lease (tenancy). Those access keys can be provided in physical form (keys, ACS cards, contactless keys), and/or in electronic form (passwords to the ACS, tokens, etc.) to any electronic device by means of electronic communication;

by providing his/her personal data including those data provision through e-communication channels; 

payment of the agreed amount in favour of the Lessor and receipt of the Lessor's confirmation (consent) through a corresponding message sent from phone +380984358701 or e-mail or via other means of electronic communication.
By such accession (performing such implicative actions), the legally capable individual enters into a contract and receives a personal number of his/her Accession Statement (Acceptance notice).
1.5. This Agreement terms acceptance is seemed complete and unconditional one that does mean the Lessee's consent with all the terms of this Agreement none exception or addendum considering. This acceptance also indicates that the Lessee understands the meaning of his/her actions and confirms a clear representation of all this Agreement’s terms as well as that the Lessee is not influenced by any error, fraud, violence, threats, and so on. The Lessee also confirms that he/she has been acknowledged with the Agreement and approves it, he/she is familiar with his/her rights thereunder and informed about the service, offered to the Lessor in full scope according to the current legislation of Ukraine. The Offer terms  are publicly available and posted on the website The Lessee undertakes to unconditionally comply with this Agreement terms.
1.6. The Lessor and Lessee are hereinafter referred to together as "Parties" and each separately as a "Party" hereunder.
1.7. Address and specification of the residential premises, the rent amount, rental period and place of this Agreement validity (agreement covered territory) are determined by the tenant after this Offer acceptance by performing together or separately implicative actions specified in paragraph 1.4 here above.
1.8. The Lessor disclaims any possible liability related to any (temporary and / or partial) facilities' breakdowns, failures, downtime, interruptions or unavailability and excludes any such liability. Rental services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. The Lessor does not guarantee that the services rendered will meet the goals and expectations of the tenant or any other person.

1.9. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, the Lessor does not provide any representations or warranties should such be implicative or otherwise, in connection with the subject matter of this Agreement and hereby does expressly disclaim all possible warranties.

1.10. The Lessee is informed that the Lessor's residential premises are not a temporary accommodation facility, a temporary residence facility, and the Lessor does not provide hotel services.

2.1. The Lessor provides for urgent payable use (rent) a part of the residential premises (hereinafter referred to as the "Room"), equipped with furniture and household appliances. 

2.2. The Lessor undertakes for transferring to the Lessee for temporary paid use, and the Lessee undertakes to accept for such temporary paid use (lease) a room which characteristics and lease conditions he/she specifies in the Accession Statement (hereinafter referred to as the "accession statement"), enclosed as Annex 1 to this Agreement. The Lessee rents a Room for the purpose of personal residence and/or for the personal residence of the Lessee and the persons he/she specified in the accession statement.

2.3. The total number of persons specified in the accession statement can never be more than two persons, Lessee as the tenant inclusive.

2.4. The list of property located in the room can be posted in any visible and accessible place in the Room or included to the accession statement text.

2.5. The room is transferred to the Lessee in proper technical condition, fully suitable for use. The Lessee has no objections concerning the Room's condition or its equipment. The Lessee hereby attests and confirms that he/she has inspected the Room, checked its technical condition, as well as the engineering communications state.

3.1. The term of renting a Room is determined in accordance with the accession statement content, and can never exceed one-year period.

3.2. The rental period under this Agreement, is measured in "rental days", at that the rental day starts at 14:00 and ends at 14:00 the next day, the last day of the lease starts at 14:00 and ends at 12:00 the next day, so, the leasing period last day counts only 22 full hours. In the case when the rental period is one day only, then such day begins at 14:00 and ends at 12:00 strictly. ID of the IANA "Europe/Kiev" time zone.

3.3. The lease term can be extended by the Parties mutual agreement documented through filing a new Accession statement. 

4.1. The amount of the rental fee for the use of Room leased makes the sum specified in the accession statement.
The rental fee includes:
cost of using the property specified in Annex 1 to the Agreement;
cost of voluntary civil liability insurance for the operation of residential premises;
cost of municipal utilities (cold, hot water, water supply, electricity, heating, maintenance of the building and its surrounding area, Internet and TV);
cost of services provided to arrange the facility security, complex protection, including the use of security technical equipment.   

4.2. Amount of rent for the entire lease period shall be paid by the Lessee prior to the moment when the respective room provided for his/her use (lease).

4.3. In order to ensure that the Lessee complies with its property obligations hereunder, the Lessor has the right to require from the Lessee a security guarantee payment in the amount specified in Annex 1 to the Agreement. The said security guarantee payment shall be returned to the Lessee after the lease term expiration only if the Lessor has no reasonable claims regarding the condition of the Room and property as returned (including returning back the access keys). In all other cases, the security guarantee payment is not refundable to the Lessee. The security guarantee payment is not a Deposit in terms of article 570 of the Civil code of Ukraine.

4.4. In case of this agreement cancelling (premature termination) the Lessee should pay the rent for the entire period of Room lease as defined in the Accession statement. The Agreement expiration does not release the Lessee from the obligation to pay the rent arrears, if any, in full, taking into account penalties (if any as provided for by this Agreement).

4.5. In case of this Agreement early termination on the Lessee part initiative, the amount of rent paid to the Lessor in accordance with clause 4.1. here above shall never be refundable to the Lessee. 

5.1. The Lessor undertakes for:
- ensuring that the Tenant can freely use the Room and the property therein, under this Agreement terms;
- never undertaking actions that would prevent the Lessee from using the rented Room with the specified property under this Agreement terms;

5.2. The Lessor has the right to:
- monitor the availability, condition, purpose and efficiency of use of the rented Room and the property leased under this Agreement;
     - refuse in providing a Room lease to the Lessee in the following cases: if the Lessee and/or persons specified in the accession statement present documents that raise doubts about their validity; if the Lessee provides inaccurate, false or misleading information about the purpose of renting a Room; if there is a suspicion that the Lessee and/or persons specified in the accession statement are under the influence of alcohol or drugs intoxication; if the Lessee and/or persons specified in the accession statement behave inappropriately (aggression, arrogance, threats, rudeness) towards other persons; if the Lessee  bears clearly visible signs of diseases (open wounds, trauma, etc.); the tenant and/or persons specified in the accession statement holding animals at home; the tenant and/or persons specified in the accession statement holding bulky items, flammable, explosive and fire-hazardous substances and items; non-Compliance of the tenant and/or persons specified in the accession statement with sanitary and hygienic standards.
- take the initiative on making changes to the residential premises lease Agreement or its termination in cases of its terms violation by the Lessee;
- monitor the condition of the Room and property therein located by visual inspection, but with mandatory preliminary warning to the Lessee.

5.3. The Lessor is authorised, in order to secure a due fulfilment of this Agreement terms, to recover from the Lessee a Deposit of the first night rent within 14 days prior to the start of the rental period. This prepayment is charged via authorization operations using Bank payment card data provided by the Lessee to the Lessor's Partner B.V.A/c 16 3910 0 0 BP Amsterdam, Netherlands (Commercial register of the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, file number: 31047344, VAT registration number: NL805734958B01, Dutch data protection service identification number: 1288246). 
The payment transaction is carried out by the Lessor's Acquiring Bank, holding a certificate for the PCI DSS payment card industry data security standard and compliant with the legislation of Ukraine, regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine concerning transactions using Bank cards and other special payment tools. 

5.4. The Lessor has the right to terminate the contract with the Lessee requiring that both the tenant and persons listed in the Accession statement immediately leave the rented Room and other premises of the Lessor in case of gross violation of obligations specified in paragraph 6.1 here below by that tenant or persons specified in his/her accession statement.
5.5. In case of the Lessee's breach  of this Agreement terms (rent non-payment, or the tenant's non-observance of fire safety rules, sanitary norms, non-intended use of the Room, or breach with other obligations specified in paragraph 6.1) the Lessor has the right to apply the operational and economic sanctions, namely: the Lessor can apply the right of retention of property as personal effects (article 594 of the civil code of Ukraine), located in the rented Room if the Lessee does not fulfil its monetary obligations arising out of this Agreement thus the Lessor is authorised to satisfy its claims from those objects' value  in the manner prescribed by law for the sale of the collateral. Under circumstances when the Lessor exercises the right granted by clause 5.5 of this Agreement, the Lessee shall not have the right to demand from the Lessor compensation for any losses or any damage that could have resulted from the Lessor's actions committed under this clause of the Agreement.
5.6. If the Lessee and/or persons specified in the accession statement (Acceptance notice) leave any items in the Lessor's residential premises after the end of the lease term, the Lessor has the right to dispose of/remove such items as household or solid waste in accordance with The law of Ukraine "On waste disposal".  Abandoned items are not stored by the Lessor.  Storage of personal effects or other objects and their acceptance for storage is not the Lessor's responsibility. The Lessor is not responsible for the safety of personal effects, money and other valuables.

6.1. The Lessee undertakes for:
- using the rented Room exclusively for the purpose of renting, defined in accordance with this Agreement content, namely, for his/her own residence, residence of their family members, other persons in accordance with article 383 of the Civil code of Ukraine;
             - providing documents (to present originals for photocopying) that prove the personal identity of tenant properly and the persons specified the Accession statement. These documents can be: passport of a national of Ukraine; ID-card of a national of Ukraine; passport of a national of Ukraine for traveling abroad; diplomatic or service passport; seaman's passport or identity card; residence permit (case of persons living in Ukraine, but not the Ukrainian citizens); national passport of a foreign national or other equivalent document; birth certificate of minors below 16 years age; driver's license;  military officers can present their identity certificate or service card; also possible is to present the client's employer's attestation or other type similar documents.  
- paying rent in full amount and on time;
- ensuring the safety of the Room and property therein, preventing their damage and destruction, keeping them in the order prescribed by sanitary norms and fire safety rules;
- maintaining the room and the property inside in proper condition, not worse than at the time of its transfer to the lease, taking into account normal physical wear and tear, implementing fire safety measures;
- strictly adhering to fire safety rules (Fire safety rules approved by the Order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine №1417 dated of 30.12.2014) as well as the rules for the use of heat and electricity, never overloading the power grid;
- observing the order of Smoking Restricted Areas: only in specially designated places (at balcony), bearing responsibility for non-abeyance to the legislation on measures to prevent and reduce the use of tobacco products and their harmful effects on public health (Law of Ukraine No. 2899-IV);
- adhering to sanitary norms and norms of permissible noise in residential premises, rules of improvement of the city of Kyiv (N 1051/1051 dated of December 25, 2008);
- adhering to the rules of residential buildings and residential premises exploitation (Rules for the use of  residential buildings and dormitories premises, approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine N 572 dated of October 8, 1992) in terms of ensuring the rights of buildings' residents , their safety, compliance with the established rules and regulations for the use of premises,
- providing the Lessor with access to the Rooms and the property inside for the purpose of monitoring their condition and compliance with the use according to the intended purpose defined by this Agreement;
- in the event of this agreement cancelling or premature termination, returning to the Lessor the Room and property inside in proper condition, not worse than at the time of their transfer to the lease, taking into account normal physical wear and tear, and compensate the Lessor for losses in the event of the said Room and property deterioration or loss (full or partial); 
- never installing locks on entrance doors in the residential premises of the Lessor;
- never renting out the Room and the property inside for sublease, as well as never enterprising any other actions aimed at restricting the property rights of the Lessor;
              - complying with the Rules of the relevant municipal utility company regarding the use of residential buildings premises never violating the usual lifeway of residents of the multi-apartment building where the Lessor's residential premises are located;
              - never allow therein accessing any persons that those specified in the Accession statement, never remitting the keys to access the Lessor's residential premises in any way to any persons other than those specified in the accession statement;
              - never storing bulky items, flammable, explosive and fire-hazardous substances and items, narcotic or psychotropic substances in the Room. Never bringing or storing in the residential premises any materials and objects dangerous to the life and health of others persons;
              - obeying o the principle of pets or other animals not allowed in the room; 
              - observing the order of garbage disposal in a specially designated place;
              - never violating generally accepted norms of behaviour, including the prohibition of any drugs use in the residential premises of the Lessor and the premises of apartment buildings, where the Lessor's residential facilities are located; 
             - never tolerated are the aggressive behaviour or actions that threaten the safety of the health or property of other persons;
             - the tenant bears responsibility for fire safety at his/her residence;
             - when using the Room, the tenant shall follow all the instructions of the Lessor, posted on information boards (stickers, posters and other into elements) in the Room;
              - in the case of a third-party claim, the Lessee shall act in good faith and cooperate with the Lessor in defending and/or settling such a claim; the Lessee shall apply his/her best to be tolerant and avoid conflicts with the neighbours in multi-apartment building where the Lessor's residential premises are located, when a dispute arises the tenant shall use only reasoned and trustworthy counterarguments.

6.2. The Lessee has the right to:
- use the Room and the property inside in accordance with the purpose and this Agreement terms;
- cancel the Agreement free of charge no later than 14 days before the rental period start;

- use the communication systems available in the Room;

7.1. The lease term ended the Lessee shall remit the Room to the Lessor and leave it at the latest delay at 12:00 on the day of lease expiry removing from the Room personal effects of all persons indicated in the Accession statement.

7.2. Within the period specified in clause 7.1. here above, the Lessee must ensure that all persons who lived in the Room leave the premises and prepare it for remitting to the Lessor.

7.3. The room and the property inside are considered to be actually transferred (remitted) to the Lessor from the moment all persons who lived in the Room left it and of all access keys to the residential premises of the Lessor are remitted to the latter.
7.4. The room and the property inside should be transferred to the Lessor in the same condition they has at the instance of transfer for rental use, taking into account their normal physical wear and tear.

7.5. From the moment the keys are handed over by the Lessee to the Lessor, the Lessee waives any claims against the Lessor. 

8.1. By the parties' special written consent, the total number of persons included to the accession statement can be increased to three persons, the Lessee as tenant inclusive 

8.2. Maid service with change of bed linen and towels is carried out according to the relevant sanitary norms and at the expense of the Lessor, starting from the fourth day of Room renting on schedules preliminarily agreed by the Parties, within timing from 9 o'clock 00 minutes to 21 hours 00 minutes each fourth day (despite the presence or absence of the tenant in the Room).

8.3. The Lessee is prohibited from taking photos, movies, TV or video in the room and other residential premises of the Lessor.

8.4. The Lessee agrees to video shooting (video surveillance mode "24/7") in public areas (living room, entrance sector) and is familiar with the relevant rules.

8.5. All obligations set out in clause 6.1 of this Agreement apply to the persons specified by the Lessee In the accession statement.

9.1. Whichever Party hereunder in breach of an obligation arising from this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement breach"), it shall bear liability as defined in this Agreement and (or) the legislation in force in Ukraine.

9.2.  The Agreement breach cases are: its non-performance or improper performance, that is, performance in violation of the terms defined by this Agreement content.

9.3. The Lessee bears liability for the following:
- in case of delay with Room remittance: a penalty in the amount of 1000,00 UAH (one thousand UAH);
- in case of misuse of the Room - a fine of 100 % of the total amount of rent payable under this Agreement;
- in case of Room (in whole or in part) subleasing to other persons, as well as other actions that result in the restriction of the Lessor's ownership as to the Rooms: a fine of 100% of total amount of rent payable under this Agreement.
- for breach of obligations under clause 6.1.: a fine equal to 100% of the total amount of rent payable under this Agreement;
            - in case of damage to the Room, property, engineering and other communications in the residential premises of the Lessor, the Lessee shall compensate for the damage at his/her own expense in full at commercial prices actual at that property location  on the date of relevant restoration work. A deficiency report is drawn up by the Parties if damage to the property, engineering and other communications is found while Room remittance to the Lessor. If there is any doubt about the nature and amount of damages caused, the Parties (Party) may engage an independent expert to conduct an examination, upon which results  the Parties sign the Deficiency report. In case of the Lessee's repeated (more than two times) evasion from drawing up such a report, the Lessor can draw it up unilaterally, concerning which case the Parties hereby recognize that such  unilaterally drawn up report  shall be mandatory for both Parties. Insurance premium payment by the insurance company upon the insured event occurrence  in any case does not exempt the Lessee from fulfilling this agreement terms.

9.4. The Lessor bears liability for the following:
- in case of delay with Room with the property inside transfer to the Lessor: a penalty in the amount of 1000,00 UAH (one thousand UAH).

9.5. The Lessee bears liability for distributing copyright protected content if such distribution has been carried out using an IP address which end user is the Lessor.

9.6. In case of non-fulfilment or improper fulfilment of this agreement terms, the Party in fault shall compensate the injured party for the amount of losses incurred by the latter.

9.7. A party shall be deemed non-offender and therefore shall not be liable for this agreement breach if it can prove that it has taken all accessible measures to properly comply with this Agreement terms. 

9.8. The Lessee is fully responsible for the actions or omissions of the persons indicated in his/her Accession statement.

9.9. The Lessor is not responsible for the quality of services provided by third parties (utilities, maintenance of the house and the surrounding area, heat supply (heating) and other services).

9.10. A party shall not be liable for non-performance or improper performance of its obligations if it proves such fault origins being due to a force majeure event beyond its control and that it could not reasonably  expect that obstacle and take into account when entering into this Agreement  or avoid either overcome this obstacle or its consequences (caused by  force majeure). The party subjected to such circumstances a FM occurred, shall immediately notify the other Party and send the relevant documents confirming the occurrence of force majeure, issued by the competent authorities. 

10.1. All disputes arising out of or related to this Agreement shall be resolved through its Parties amicable negotiations.

10.2. If some relevant dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it shall be resolved in court according to the established court competence and such dispute jurisdiction in accordance with the legislation in force in Ukraine.

11.1. This Agreement is considered to be concluded and inures from the moment the relevant conclusive actions specified in clause 1.4. here above are fulfilled together or separately. 

11.2. This Agreement shall terminate upon the expiration of the lease term specified in Clause 3 above except for the cases specified in clause 5.4. of this Agreement.

11.3. This Agreement termination does not release the Parties from liability for its breach occurred during the Agreement validity term, except for the cases specified by clause 5.4. here above.

11.4. Unless otherwise expressly provided by this Agreement or the current legislation of Ukraine, this contract may be terminated only upon its Parties' agreement formalized by an additional contract hereto, except for the cases specified in clause 5.4. of this Agreement.

11.5. This Agreement is considered terminated from the moment of proper filing by the Parties of the relevant supplementary agreement, unless otherwise provided in such supplementary agreement, this Agreement or in the current legislation.

11.6. The agreement may be terminated unilaterally by either of the parties hereto if the other Party fails to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

11.7. The Lessor or Lessee has the right to terminate this Agreement by notifying respective other Party in advance no later than 14 days before the lease term start as determined by this Agreement terms.

12.1. All legal relations arising from this Agreement or related to it, including those connected with its validity, conclusion, execution, modification and termination, interpretation of its terms, defining the consequences of this contract invalidity or breach, are governed by this Agreement and the relevant norms of the current in Ukraine legislation as well as business practices applicable to such legal relations on the basis of good faith, reasonableness and fairness principles.

12.2. The parties hereto are fully responsible for the correctness of their details specified by them in this Agreement and undertake for informing the other Party in writing on every changes in a timely manner; in case of failure to inform they shall bear the risk of adverse consequences thereof.

12.3. Unless otherwise expressly provided by this Agreement or the current legislation of Ukraine, all amendments and changes hereto shall be filed in writing, bilaterally approved and formalized with an additional agreement. Changes to the Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of relevant supplementary agreement filing, unless otherwise stipulated in the supplementary agreement, this Agreement or by current legislation of Ukraine.

12.4. All additional agreements and appendices hereto make this Agreement integral parts and shall inure only when concluded (drawn up) in the same form as this Agreement.

12.5. To ensure proper implementation of this agreement conclusion a performance and Parties relations as well as the compliance with the  current legislation  requirements by signing this Agreement the Lessor and the person specified in the Accession statement do provide to the Lessor their full definite unlimited written consent for their personal data processing in a form that meets the requirements of the law of Ukraine "On personal data protection" (hereinafter referred to as the "Law"), namely agreement to:
(1)  transfer of personal data and/or access to those data for further processing provided to third parties (including transfer outside the customs territory of Ukraine), in particular, but not exclusively, in connection with (1A) this Agreement  conclusion and support; (1B) clarification of the circumstances when violation of  residential buildings and premises use rules (in particular, when sending requests to law enforcement agencies, rescue services, etc.); (1C) conducting market research on real estate rental services and research on the level of  tenants' satisfaction with the Lessor's services; (2) data used for personal identification (including information contained in state registers and other public databases).
The Lessee confirms that he/she has been notified  in the proper form and full scope on the following: (1) after the agreement conclusion the personal data will be included in a personal database owned by the Lessor; (2) personal data shall be processed in the volume contained in the Agreement and other documents submitted by the Lessee to the Lessor while contracting and/or the documents which will be got from the Lessor upon the agreement execution, including from a third party; (3) the Lessee part's rights in accordance with the Law.
12.6. The Lessor is not a custodian of payment card data and is not responsible for ensuring the security of payment cardholder data.
12.7. The Lessor warns that information about its activities distributed on the Internet may be the exclusive property of the relevant Internet resources, so the Lessor is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and relevance of such content. The information provided by the Lessor to third parties may be edited or changed (in any way or in any form), translated into other languages, by such third party without the Lessor's permission.   

12.8. The parties understand and agree that in t this Agreement performance each Party may obtain access to (or may be exposed, directly or indirectly, to) confidential information of another party ("Confidential information"). Confidential information includes information about private life, business, financial, technical, operational, and other non-public, sensitive data that the Party that discloses it treats in private or confidential, or about which Party getting such data pool is reasonably aware that it should be treated as private and confidential.
Each of the Parties agrees that: (a) all Confidential information shall remain the exclusive property of disclosing party and the receiving Party should  never use any Confidential information for any purpose other than for this Agreement executing purpose ; (b) the Party shall maintain and use reasonable methods to ensure that its employees, officers, representatives, Contracting parties and agents ("Authorized persons") respect the confidentiality and secrecy of Confidential information; (c) it must disclose Confidential information only to those authorized persons who need to be acknowledged with such information in this Agreement fulfilment frame; (d) it will use reasonable methods to ensure that its authorised persons restrain from copying, publishing, disclosure, or use (except as provided in this Agreement) confidential information; and (e) it must return or destroy all (paper and electronic) copies of documents bearing confidential information at the written request of those data providing party.
Despite the above, Confidential information may be disclosed in accordance with Law requirements, under a court order, subpoena, or government decision.

12.9. The parties agreed that the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On lease of state and municipal property" do not apply to their relations hereunder.
12.10. The original Ukrainian version of this Agreement can be translated into other languages. In the event of a dispute about this Agreement content or interpretation as well as in the event of a conflict, ambiguity, inconsistency or discrepancy between the Ukrainian version and any other language version of this Agreement, the Ukrainian version shall prevail, apply and be binding and unquestionable. The Ukrainian version should be used in court proceedings. 

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